Forgotten Pieces of History

On my daughter’s Instagram, she wrote, “This world will remember us.”

And I believe her. She is that kind of person.

It begs to ask though, HOW do we go about remembering? Eight decades from now, when I am turning to dust, and her children are too, who is remembering?

One of the greatest joys of writing for me, has been to extend our collective memory. In my research, I always stumble upon things that are just about to slide into the abyss of the forgotten, and I snatch them up just at the edge. I am a historical event magnet or something. And then, as I include them in my stories, their existence in memory is extended. And this gives me joy.

I know there are some things in history we would like to forget, we wish never happened. We would give anything to apply the great eraser and annihilate their existence. But I recognize the danger in this. We must keep talking about history. We must extend our collective memory, even of difficult, embarrassing, or heart tearing things. We owe it to the people who lived through it, and we owe it to ourselves. Else we too have to experience the same.

So, as I begin this author journey with you, take note of the history. It is in great honor and tribute that I include the snippets that I do.

And enjoy the story, cause that was just FUN.


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