Women’s Suffrage and Regency?


Women were there, asking for the right to vote while Darcy found Elizabeth not tolerable enough.

Women were there when Heathcliff was making us all depressed.

Women were marching for suffrage during the Dashwoods’ many plights.

Women were there during Roman times.

Women ruled during the time of the Egyptians.

And yet, they weren’t given the right to vote, or any voice in the governance of their countries in our historical memory until the beginning of the twentieth century.

While writing and researching for The Nobleman’s Daughter, I was fascinated to see so many women, marching, rallying, and yes, wearing white with laurel wreaths. And yet, our fictional stories rarely acknowledge their existence, or if we do, they are the bluestocking pariah of their day, and small parts of the story.

So I determined to make the movement the story. Or at least create a plot so intertwined with the plight of women that we would not fail to see it. I have so much respect for these women over the centuries who persisted. Because without them, I would not live with the rights and freedoms I now posses.

I can’t wait for you to read, A Lady’s Maid, to follow Molly’s journey as she tries to aid in suffrage for all, particularly women. Go take a look. If you, like me, have been feeling sad for Molly and the place she was left at the end of The Nobleman’s Daughter, read this right away. CLICK HERE or on the image below.

A Lady's Maid COVER

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