His lady in Hiding

Launched in April to a big splash, His Lady in Hiding made its debut amongst store closures and a spreading pandemic. Interesting timing because when I wrote this book, I knew it needed to be light and fun full of plenty of humor which is just what we all wanted to read. Some highlights for me writing this book: The humor on the passage over, the sweet boy Jeremy and the preacher and his wife, The Allens. The house for her mother in Wales. (spoiler) and the growth in Lady Elizabeth’s character. It was a fun challenge also to write Barton’s characters. Watching him struggle with the very realistic difficulties of living in their time, with all that life threw at him at once. I think he made his way through and came out on top. And I agree with one reviewer who said that the way he responded was exactly accurate according to the time period they are in. I used a lot of Regency rules and expectations as specific challenges to work through for him. Some rules you just can’t break without losing honor. This applies especially for gentlemen in that era.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. I have loved talking about it and sharing it with all of you. Get your copy if you don’t have it yet. Amazon, Seagull, Deseret Book, Barnes and Noble. The Deseret bookshelf APP has it. It’s on audible. It’s a perfect escape.

And through all of this, I fine tuned my author motto: To write immersive stories that capture readers and return them better for having taken the journey.

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