The Appeal of Song of Salzburg

One of the joys of writing books is the human connection you create with readers. I felt this the most from writing Song of Salzburg and as I look back at the text and rethink the story, I am convinced it is in part because this book really touches on the journey of an artist. Anyone who is trying to make their way in this world and share their art. I myself relate to Freya. The musical aspects are also exactly how I have felt. I played the violin. I play the piano. I like to sing. But I think my greatest musical gift is the ability to appreciate it. I am swept away by music. Those parts in the book were easy to portray. And so in my mind, this book is a celebration of the arts and the ARTISTS who create.

The response to Song of Salzburg has been stunning. I’ve been so grateful and so humbled by the many people who were touched, deeply, by my little book. Thank you.

From Publisher’s Weekly:“Johnson (Her Lady’s Whims and Fancies) combines love and music to lovely effect in the fourth installment to the historical shared universe Romance on the Orient Express series…The romance is chaste, slow-building, and sweet, and Johnson makes both characters’ love of music palpable. This is a treat.”

From Historical Novel Society: Young violinist, Freya Winter, has been accepted to study in the Salzburg Youth Orchestra under the renowned Maestro, a master musician shrouded in mystery, and possibly win a professional position. Her accidental meeting with a handsome, mysterious stranger on the celebrated Orient Express proves the beginning of many clandestine meetings as she regularly travels from Salzburg to Paris and back to visit her grandmother. Music is their language. They harmonize, challenge, and complement each other.Johnson’s musical training and orchestral experience elevate the novel. The reader is privy to this sweet 19th-century romance as Erich Schumann (the aforementioned stranger) coaches her, and not only joins her in playing in the elegant dining car but introduces her to Britain’s Prince Edward for a private audience. As their relationship grows in passion and intensity, her talent and confidence bloom. Who is this talented musician she is falling for? Is their meeting accidental or fated? Why hasn’t she been called by the Maestro for her critique?
Of course, the reader realizes early on that Erich is the renowned Maestro, but when and how Freya will discover it adds to the tension and excitement. Will Freya be forced to return to England to marry a man of her father’s choosing? Will her concert dreams die or be realized? Johnson has cleverly used the Orient Express as a place to build this lively romance.

Six stars. If I could have commissioned a book, this could have been it. I loved the setting(s), the characters and the plot. The story provided mystery, fear, ambition, sacrifice, struggle to overcome seemingly impossible barriers, love and romance. It made it clear how music can capture the heart in ways nothing else can. I particularly loved the two main characters and the way Freya expressed the importance of music to her. However, I believe that you do not need to be a music lover to like this book. Great writing, and a great love story.

I found this charming story captivating and couldn’t put it down. 

Jen Geigle Johnson paints a beautiful picture of awakening love and self confidence in a sumptuous setting. I

This book is a masterpiece. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series, but this is really my favorite! As a musician this story speaks to my heart and resonates with insights, secret desires and profound yearnings that only another musician would understand. The storyline is so unique. The twists and turns are hoped for, and somewhat anticipated, but do not disappoint. The author has really come into her own. Beautifully written, the story involves not only the elegance of the Orient Express, but the fascination of the Paris World Expo, and the rich musical history of of Salzburg. What a combination.

You know there books and then there are BOOKS. I loved this book, the beautiful descriptions of music and scenery were profound. What a beautiful story. It was truly magical. BRAVO

I loved all the Romance on the Orient Express books, but this one leaves me without words to describe how phenomenal the story was. I would reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction and/or romance. I would rate this 10 stars if I could. It pulled at my heart strings more than any book has before.

I found this charming story captivating and couldn’t put it down. The role music played was beautifully descriptive and quite a foundation for the happenings in the book!

This is a novel that I will read again just to feel those soaring feelings of great appreciation and love for music and the musicians portrayed. Bravo to this author for writing such a romantic and heartfelt story.

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3 thoughts on “The Appeal of Song of Salzburg

  1. I wonder if you too love classical music? Our granddaughter had 3 years of classes so I know you had the details right about the violin and the playing of it. I do think that students that heavy into music (the contestants in Salzburg) would have metnioned that they were walking the same cobbled streets as Mozart and Beethoven (who wrote THE violin concerto!). I have almost all of your Kindle books and enjoyed all of them and left reviews on Amazon for you.
    Thank you for the great “mental Vacations”!!! I looked up Freya’s name and learned something new for this day!

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out. This is the best message of my day. I DO LOVE music. And it comes out in this book. Thank you for reading my books. That is a treasure!!! Reach out any time. Here is a link to join my newsletter if you wish.

      1. My granddaughter’s school had EVERY student take lessons for 4 years on an instrument of their choice. I felt this was ingenious as playing music opens the brain to all sorts of a wider world. She and I’d practice–her on her violin, and me on the piano–and what joy we shared!

        A professor in Philadelphia, took disadvanged teens, and free of charge, took them via the subway, to listen to dress rehearsal of the Philadelphia Symphony orchestra. Then asked their favorite composer and why. The overwhelming majority chose Beethoven with Mozart a close second. Then other composers followed. BUT this was his experiment to his Doctorate degree and I don’t know if anyone else has tried it. These kids had a life-changing experience.. MUSIC is MAGIC!

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