Author Jen Geigle Johnson

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Royalty? Regency? Yes! A Foreign Crown. Read today!

Read what readers have said about A Foreign Crown.

“Aribella is such a sweet female lead. I loved her tenderness and how genuine she is. Layton is dreamy! I loved his desire to be true to his heart and to his country. I loved the stolen kisses throughout this story. I learned a lot from this book about King George the 3rd and Queen Charlotte and her court. It was fascinating! I feel I have a better understanding of the Regency Era now. Overall a great book! A great love story with history thrown in!”

“I absolutely LOVED this story! It will make you cry, laugh, cringe, hope, and fall in love. Prince Layton and Lady Aribella both feel duty bound and struggle with their desire to follow their hearts. Lady Aribella has been summoned to be the Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting. Prince Layton sails to England hoping to secure the Crown’s navy help in securing his country from invasion from France. I loved their journey to each other and I am looking forward to reading more books about the Wilhelm princes!!”

Available August 2021. Pre-order today!

Available as ebook and Kindle Unlimited