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My first novel.

Those words bring me joy. The Nobleman’s Daughter is doing really well. You can find it on Amazon HERE.

I am working on a couple different anthologies and my second book comes out in May 2018 Scarlet!

Loved this book! What incredible characters! What a wonderful story! Can’t wait to read more from this author!

Amazon Customer

One of my favorite reads in this genre as it was filled with many elements of interest and solid characters. The romance is clean and believable. The plot is compelling – my stomach was in knots


This is Ms. Johnson’s first published work and she has set the bar high for herself. I have no doubts she will meet it novel after novel.

K. Swinton

I loved learning about the struggle for universal suffrage in England. The author’s passion for this era is evident in her attention to detail and historical accuracy. Great read!

Lindy Langston

This book touched me in a personal way.

M. Gray

Johnson has a way of writing that will instantly capture the attention of readers

Singing Librarian Books
  • Red Caps, Eagles and the Sparrow - Complicated: the best word to use when describing England’s change to greater democracy. What could they do, with the French Revolution so close at their heels? Fear dictated much of the lawmaking. At the forefront, they wished to avoid the terror from across the...
  • What is Peterloo? - While researching for my first Regency romance, The Nobleman’s Daughter, I asked over and over, “But what about the poor people? Have they no rights? No recourse? Who is caring for them?” I had a wonderful story in mind highlighting the beautiful and wealthy...
  • Costumes, Heroines, Frenchies - “They seek him here. They seek him there. Those Frenchies seek him anywhere…” The Scarlet Pimpernel. A Tale of Two Cities. Les Miserables. I have a thing for the French Revolution. Where tragedy strikes, heroes rise. It always happens. When oppression grinds, freedom struggles...
  • Regency: The Struggle for Freedom - Regency. If you love Regency, you really love it. If you haven’t read a true Regency Romance yet, find yourself one. Usually when we think of Regency, we think of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, pretty dresses, handsome Lords, the marriage mart. Servants to...
  • Can your Romance Stand Alone? - Can your Romance Stand Alone? A Tribute to the Clean, Proper and Sweet. and compelling, gritty, tense, angst ridden, smart and fun. As a historical romance author of clean fiction, I get asked every so often, “Is there a market for clean romance?” When...
  • Forgotten Pieces of History - On my daughter’s Instagram, she wrote, “This world will remember us.” And I believe her. She is that kind of person. It begs to ask though, HOW do we go about remembering? Eight decades from now, when I am turning to dust, and her...

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