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His Lady in Hiding–Noble woman escapes to American disguised as a servant to avoid an undesirable marriage. I loved writing this book. You can read your own copy HERE.

A Lady’s Maid–Women’s Suffrage during the Regency time period? You bet and when I tell the story, it is filled with romance! ON-SALE Now.

Scarlet–The Scarlet Pimpernel retold as a woman. BUY Scarlet on Amazon Now. Buy Here.

The Nobleman’s Daughter–Two nobles in disguise working for the plight of the poor in England. Nobleman’s Daughter Available Right now! Buy Here.

Royalty? Regency? Yes! A Foreign Crown.  Coming soon

Read what reviewers have said about Scarlet.

Scarlet Cover

“Jen handled her adaptation beautifully, she makes the history of this tumultuous era come alive. Those familiar with The fictional world of The Pimpernel will appreciate her salute to the original and lovers of history will applaud how she makes the French Revolution personal, and intimate.

“She has a beautiful grasp on our innate desire for freedom and infuses that into her story. The plot is heart rending and suspenseful. The romance is toe tingling and the characters are so realistic, for the first time in my life, I felt emotionally connected to Marie Antoinette. With a strong female character you can root for this is one of my new favorite Pimpernel adaptations.” Beautiful review from bookconfessionsblog.wordpress.

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Charmed by His Lordship on SALE


Time Travel Romance Series. The first, Kate and Leopold in a way you’ve never seen it before. Dating the Duke. Available now.

dating the duke

Regency Fairytale. Rumplestilskin. How did I manage that one? People are calling it clever, surprising, excellent retelling. Available Now.