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First comes Love, then comes Marriage…or Emotional Resonance.

In a romance, the proposal or marriage comittment is what is happening on the OUTSIDE. A kiss, a proposal, a marriage are all important symbols. But what’s more important, of course, is the INNER emotional journey. 

Can your Romance Stand Alone?

Can your Romance Stand Alone? A Tribute to the Clean, Proper and Sweet. and compelling, gritty, tense, angst ridden, smart and fun. As a historical romance author of clean fiction, I get asked every so often, “Is there a market for clean romance?” When… Continue Reading “Can your Romance Stand Alone?”

Forgotten Pieces of History

On my daughter’s Instagram, she wrote, “This world will remember us.” And I believe her. She is that kind of person. It begs to ask though, HOW do we go about remembering? Eight decades from now, when I am turning to dust, and her… Continue Reading “Forgotten Pieces of History”