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She will be Heard

While researching for A Lady’s Maid, I found myself on numerous occasions, standing up and pacing. “How?” “Why?” Even the teenage, “I can’t even…” all rushed through my mind. Then I would rush back to the screen, trying to puzzle through how a human…

Scarlet and the Art of Retellings

The nitty gritty about the first scene in Scarlet: I have wanted to talk about retellings for some time. What makes a good retelling? Do we want to stay in that world longer, and so as a reader we look for new characters in…

First comes Love, then comes Marriage…or Emotional Resonance.

In a romance, the proposal or marriage comittment is what is happening on the OUTSIDE. A kiss, a proposal, a marriage are all important symbols. But what’s more important, of course, is the INNER emotional journey.