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First comes Love, then comes Marriage…or Emotional Resonance.

In a romance, the proposal or marriage comittment is what is happening on the OUTSIDE. A kiss, a proposal, a marriage are all important symbols. But what’s more important, of course, is the INNER emotional journey. 

Being Real

This morning, I feel like being real. I mean, I’m always REAL. But I mean, the dirty bathroom kind of real, the shut your bedroom door so no one sees the mess kind of real. Some of the real grittiness of life people don’t…


I can always tell if my life is out of balance when my closet and my laundry room are a mess. My desk, though, my desk is ALWAYS a mess, and I like it that way. Because I feel like balance is an inside…

Maid in Disguise

“Father.” Liz tried to reason with him. “His teeth protrude so far forward that he cannot even close his lips around them.” Not the largest of her concerns about his suitability, but one that surely her father would recognize. Chuckling while he glanced over…